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Phlox Subulata - Crimson Beauty


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The Phlox Sublata Crimson Beauty is a very easy to grow ground cover that provides a pop of color in spring. The low-mounding plant works well for rock gardens in sunny locations where bright color is needed. The height of the plant ranges from 2" to 6," and it blooms in early spring with dark green needle-like foliage being covered by an abundance of tiny colored red flowers. The plant is also referred to as "Creeping Phlox," which is a name more people recognize. 

Phlox Sublata requires a sunny location with dry, sandy soil and a neutral, alkaline or acid soil pH.

This low-growing Phlox has multiple uses, including container plantings, edgings, and is a stand-out in a rock garden when combined with other colors. This variety of Phlox is drought resistant, so it is particularly well-suited for climates that tend to be hot and dry during summer. Since Phlox Sublata is a perennial, it survives well in zones 4 to 8. 

Phlox Sublata Crimson Beauty is quite easy to maintain once it is established.

When the plant is finished blooming in late spring, it can be clipped back somewhat to encourage denser growth. When planting a new Phlox Sublata Crimson Beauty, it is essential to amend the soil with organic material and place the young plant in the ground at the same level as in the original container. Make sure the young plant has adequate water until it is established. Phlox Sublata can be easily divided in early fall by merely ripping it into clumps. This capability makes it very easy to increase the beautiful spring blooms in the landscape without needing to purchase more plants.

Most homeowners work to create an attractive landscape using primarily perennial plants and shrubs. Phlox Sublata fits beautifully into a permanent landscape, given its many uses and ease of care.

The Phlox subulata - Crimson Beauty is shipped bare root.

Growing Zones: 4-8