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Living Canvas Succulent Planter

Living Canvas

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Our Living Canvas Succulent Planter is loaded with a fun mix of easy to grow succulents. This fabulous mix will entertain you with vibrant colors and hues, and fascinating forms. These succulents have been hand picked from the finest succulents available, truly with the best color and texture of any collection.

You’ll find our succulent plant arrangement will include different Echeveria and Crassula along with many other succulents in varying colors and shapes. These succulents are treated as houseplants or as seasonal annuals outdoors.

Succulent Growing Instructions

Plants can be grown in the original 11″ pot for about 7 months to a year. Plants will need to be either moved together to a bigger pot, or plants can be broken up into groupings or even placed alone, one per pot. Use potting soil formulated for cacti and succulents.

Indoors place in an area they will receive at least four hours of bright light each day. Outdoors, filtered bright light is best. Too much sun with cause sunscald (ouch!). The plants will bleach out if too much sun.

Most succulents need to be watered every one to two weeks. Roots should not completely dry out between watering, yet too much water will kill plants. Stick your finger into the soil, if its dry water, moist check back later. Plants will need more water during March-Oct. In fall and winter many succulents rest and will need very little water, maybe once a month. If fertilizer is needed, fertilize only during the active growing months March-Oct. Do not allow plants to sit in water filled trays.

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